Rev. George Terian was born in Jerusalem on October 30, 1940 to Hagop & Satenig Terzibashian. He attended the local Armenian Community School (Serpotz Tarkmanchatz) from 1950 until 1960 when he was graduated. While in Jerusalem he had the special privilege of learning Classical Armenian under the tutelage of Archbishop Norayr Bogharian of blessed memory.

   In 1967, Rev. Terian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and History from Middle East University that was affiliated with  Loma Linda University of Southern California.  From 1967 to 1973, he served as the pastor of an Armenian Church in Tehran, Iran, and taught English at Pars College.  In 1974, he earned a Master’s degree in Biblical Languages and Archaeology from Andrews University in Michigan.  And, in 1975,  he participated in the excavation of Tell Hasban (the Biblical city of Heshbon) in Jordan.

   From 1977 to 1999, Rev. Terian served as a Pastor in Indiana, Kansas & Missouri. There he published a quarterly called “The Living Word” which was designed to reach the un-churched with the Gospel Message. For six years, he served on the Kansas City Mayor’s Ethic Enrichment Commission and was charged with the responsibility of promoting the area’s rich cultural diversity through lectures, exhibitions and festivals. Rev. Terian was one of eight people who founded the Armenian Cultural Society of Greater Kansas City in 1987.  They were able to raise $60,000 to aid the victims of the disastrous earthquake that rocked northwestern Armenia on December 7, 1988. They also airlifted two severely wounded young girls from Spitak to Kansas City to receive medical treatments that were not available in Armenia.

   From 2000 to 2018, he was the Senior Pastor of the Armenian Cilicia Evangelical Church of Pasadena, CA.  In June of 2004, he was elected to be the editor-in-chief of the “Forum” which is the official organ of the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America and held that position until 2010.  In April 2018, he retired from the Cilicia Church pastorate. 

   In March 2019, Rev. Terian graciously agreed to become the interim pastor of Immanuel Armenian Congregational Church until his acceptance to become our new Senior Pastor. In September 2019, Rev. Terian officially became the new Pastor of Immanuel Armenian Congregational Church.  He delivers meaningful and enriching messages every Sunday to the congregation. His wife, Alice, brings her expertise on technology and live-streams the sermons every Sunday through Facebook.  IACC is very fortunate and blessed to have Rev. George and Alice as part of our church family.


Senior Pastor

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